Hotwife Anklet

You’re a hotwife - be proud!

You and your husband have come a long way together to get to the point where you can invite another male into your marriage and inside you - so wear that status on your…ankle!

I’m all for being cautiously overt about the lifestyle. By ‘cautiously overt’ I mean it’s still necessary to reconcile time & place with the level and manner of expressing your lifestyle.

[pullquote_right]Simply wearing an anklet chain means nothing.[/pullquote_right]I’ve been asked several times about anklets and the proper ankle to wear one for a hotwife and as you can see here, there’s not a lot of consensus about it, but I don’t know that it really matters as long as she wears an appropriate charm to express her sexual availability.

The image above, left came from a Tumblr blog and as soon as I find it, I’ll credit the image. If you know whose it is, please comment and leave the details for everyone!

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    Na dúvida e ainda por gostar e achar lindo, eu uso sempre.
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    @marriedcumslut wears a slut charm to identify her sexual availability
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